Elizabeth, William… and Me is now appearing on the People’s Book Prize website (launched today) showcased in their Summer 2018 collection: https://peoplesbookprize.com/books/elizabeth-william-and-me/

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About slynnscott

The author is in her mid-twenties, has a First from Cambridge, flowing blonde hair and a body to die for. She wishes. It is more likely that she is mid-fiftyish, possessed of a couple of A levels, tubby, prone to self-doubt and struggling with a creeping sensation that life hasn’t quite turned out the way she intended it to. Either way she enjoys writing her stories which are all inspired by people either living or dead, and, in some cases, both. When required to provide a biography she prefers to point out that, as her character Ally discovers, all the discerning reader needs to know about any writer can be found within the pages of their books.

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