An engaging comedy with some thought provoking themes

This warm, humorous and entertaining novel tells the unlikely story of the arrival of Elizabeth I and William Shakespeare into the life of its modern day heroine, Ally. Unlikely, but the story is told with such a degree of conviction and infused with such an intimate knowledge and understanding of Shakespeare’s work that it becomes entirely convincing. There are elements of the picaresque in its fast moving romp through 21st century Britain which offers a wry, contemporary perspective on modern life rooted firmly in the present, whilst at the same time the Elizabethan perspective through which this modern world is filtered gives it an engaging originality and brings the story to life. S Lynn Scott’s wide knowledge of Shakespeare’s work breathes new life into the old, familiar stories whilst illuminating her own modern tale. As the story develops, there is a growing complexity in the characterisation, particularly in the character of William, whom she develops with great affection into a sensitive and empathetic person who reflects back all the novel’s themes. In the later parts of the novel, the work takes on a more sombre tone, as we begin to learn more about Ally’s nature and what brought her to the point where the story begins. This highly enjoyable comedy also has a darker side which explores human nature in its fragility and complexity, just like the best of Shakespeare’s comedies. An excellent first novel, and I’ll look forward to the next!

Jackie E (5 Stars)


Brilliant – funny and at times sad, a thoroughly entertaining read. Loved the characters and the unusual story line. Could not help but warm to the central character Ally and the complex situation she found herself in. Didn’t want the story to end and thoroughly looking forward to more from S Lynn Scott.

Kaly S (5 Stars)


A lovely journey through reality, imagination, tragedy and history. One woman the Rocky Horror show and the most famous author ever. Warm and unexpected. Read it!

T Budworth (5 Stars)

Bloody Brilliant

I heard an excerpt from the book read out by Lynn Scott, the author. I was intrigued and bought the book. I will miss Elizabeth and William – such wonderful characterisations.

JacquieT (5 Stars)