Move over Jackie Weaver. Gladys Sinkbottle does have the authority! But not much control over her fellow Parish Councillors…

Reviewed by Ronél Steyn for Readers’ Favorite                                               

In S. Lynn Scott’s Murder in the Council Chambers, the author sets us down inside the vaulted room of the Council Chambers of a Midlands village in England. It is the first Parish Council meeting of the year, and therefore it is January. One among the group has been murdered, but it seems to take quite a bit of time for anyone to really notice. This event, however, is only the prelude to a string of similar heinous acts to follow. Through various council meetings and the new online community platform, the entire village speculates who the murderer could be and why he or she is doing it. With the perspective of a third-person narrative, the reader is privy to more information than the characters, putting them at a slight advantage to cracking this case. Who will be next? Murder in the Council Chambers could easily be lost between the thicker volumes of the mystery genre, but it is a real hidden gem! Filled with an array of colorful characters, the author has definitely spent some time developing a plot packed with unique twists and turns. Let me also not forget the wonderful plays on words that had me in stitches. And what would a murder mystery be without the antics of everyday life! Written in the very engaging style of author S. Lynn Scott, I was immediately pulled into the story. The conversations of the online community are so relatable that it’s scary! Then there was the end – unexpected but utterly brilliant!

Gladys and her cohorts are currently looking for representation so watch this space!

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“An extraordinarily insightful mystery”
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‘Elizabeth, William…and Me’

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Final Book cover W,E & MAlly is living an ordinary, comfortable life until Elizabeth and William come to stay. Exactly why Elizabeth Tudor should materialise in her pantry, closely followed by the Bard of Stratford on Avon, is a bit of a mystery, not to mention an inconvenience, but the crotchety Elizabeth has a mission and she is used to getting her own way…

This unstoppable trio will take the reader on a twenty-first century road trip like no other, from middle England to the cold streets of London, and to the discovery that, whilst the world might have changed in four hundred years, the characters that Shakespeare immortalised are still very much with us. Elizabeth, William and Me is a wry look at modern life through the eyes of two of history’s most luminous characters, a humorous tale of an unhappy woman teetering between imagination and reality, and a rollicking good adventure story.

“The story of Elizabeth, William and Me is funny, moving and original.
It might even be true.


“Brilliant”  “Couldn’t put it down” “Fascinating”  “Very funny and sad in places”

“Absolutely brilliant read”  “Bloody brilliant!”  “It’s a very good read”

“A book with a difference”  “Very funny and sad in places”

“Funny, heartbreaking, clever”

“Pure escapism”

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