My new novel ‘A Patient Man’ now available!

‘Elizabeth, William…and Me’

See the feedback from the The People’s Book Prize!

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‘Elizabeth, William…and Me’ is now available on Amazon Books. The Kindle edition is £3.99 and a printed version, available for pre-order, is £9.99 (Seven years in development remember!) The link is as follows:

You can also order the printed book direct from Matador/Troubadour Publishing, which is based in Leicester. Click Here to go to the entry on their website

In addition, ‘Elizabeth, William…and Me’ will soon be available through, as they say, all good bookshops, although if they do not have stock, you may have to request that they order it for you. Please do request this if you can as it makes the book look popular! The official publication date is 28 May 2017 but you can pre-order by giving the name of the book and my name (S. Lynn Scott). They might also request the ISBN (9781788037006).

If you have any problems getting hold of a copy, please Contact Me and I can arrange to forward you one.

If, having spent your hard earned cash on my flight of fancy, you feel moved to express your opinion, please do. Amazon encourages reviews and Matador may also request your thoughts if you purchase through them. You can also send your reviews directly to me, although, if you do and they are bad I cannot promise they will see the light of day.

If you have read this far I will assume that you are kindly willing to give a new and untried author a chance. A sincere thank you for that and I very much hope that you will enjoy reading the adventures of ‘Elizabeth, William…and Me’.